Believe in YOU

Believe in YOU

It doesn’t matter if someone else believes in you or not. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like you, or if you don’t like someone else. It only matter’s that you believe in yourself. Believe that when you have negative emotions, or negative reactions to someone else’s negative, that there is a lesson to learn in that situation. Try to look inside and mirror that back to what the universe is trying to tell you. Why is it you feel this way? Why do you care what other’s think? Is this showing you something about yourself? Love yourself enough to honor this discovery and to explore the answers to your emotions. The only way you will grow is if you look inside. Not inside your neighbor’s walls but inside your own head. People will want to see you fail. Why would you care? How does that benefit you in the slightest to focus on that? Keep going. Keep failing. But get back up for yourself and learn from those mistakes. Learn how to grow and how to accept your own truth.

Believe in YOU




New Year, and a book!

It is that time of the year again where everyone decides that the time to do something you have always wanted to do is now. I fully support this notion and always have had a passion for believing in my goals and have grown to be very fond of reviewing them every year. This year I worked out in the “field” gathering information and asking friends and family to share their New Years resolutions in order to gain insight into other people’s goals and plans. I have learned that many of the dreams the people in my life are hoping for are similar to ones that have been on my past or current lists. We all want to improve, but not everyone can find the motivation to keep it going and that is why I believe that sharing my trial and errors with others will help.

This year, I completed my wish list like usual and feverishly started my plans to attack and to accomplish. Like most people I felt fear that something would get in my way and knew that there was a chance that my plans would not work out the way I had hoped. I knew that I had to do something different this year to ensure that I stayed on track. For me, that was reaching out for help from someone I trust. The person I chose to ask was my middle sister, Julie. Julie and I grew up sharing a room together for 14 years and we experienced our whirlwind childhood together. I knew that if there were anyone in the world who could help me write a book (my most desired outcome) it would be her. She was quick to respond and immediately gave me some advice on best practices to support my plan. There is no better person to inspire me than the big sister who was by my side going through all of the same hardships in the earliest years of my life, which have ultimately molded me into the person I am today.

I want this book to be motivational to anyone who wants to go against the grain or live a better life than the one your current direction is leading you toward. This book will encourage you to actually listen to the little voice in your head that is shooting for the stars, and for the dreams you just can’t stop wishing for!



Laws of Success

Laws of success

I am an all over the place type of reader. What I mean by this is that I can not just be reading one book at a time like most. Currently I am reading three different books and I do this because I often get bored with what I am reading but still want to continuing reading it in the future. Therefore, I like to have a selection available to read so that I have options to switch to. Right now, one of the books that I am reading is the The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill. One of the lessons in the book is The Habit of Saving and it is teaching me, and motivating me to save my money. Napolean has created a “Fear of Poverty” in my mind and has brought to my attention that the sooner I am out of debt the closer I am to success. I have learned that in order to increase my earning capacity, I have to learn to conserve what I earn. I have come up with personal best practices to control my urge to spend, and made plans to pay my debt in result to the constant thought of conserving my earnings.

One of the my very favorite thoughts right now is the thought of no debt, and paying everything with cash.

28 Wishes

My first post as a 28-year-old woman and I hope that every wish that I post tonight comes true. I really want to make something happen for myself this year and I am creating my wish list so that I can get started on this years new goals for myself. There were a lot of successes last year but I can still pinpoint opportunity as well.

traveled to a new City (visited Las Vegas, Denver and Breckenridge, and a couple small cities outside LA )
-Moved to Manhattan
-Paid off 2 credit cards
-managed 1 charity event
-Fell in love
-starting getting up earlier
-spent more time with family
-huge career development

-no savings
-need a better dedicated workout plan
-not enough charity work
-not enough blog posts
-no writing contest submissions
-no trip abroad
-did not read enough books

So now that I have pinpointed my top successes and opportunities I can make my 28 wishes for my new year!

-Write and compete for publishing in a magazine
-Start a life with my love
-Save money
-Pay off 2 last credit cards and car
-Travel abroad
-Be involved in Charity work
-More dance and Yoga
-try for a fitness photography shoot
-cook and bake more
-eat clean
-visit chicago and Seattle
-compete in fitness competitions
-network and meet a new friend a month (that’s 12 new friends)
-read 12 books
-decorate my apartment
-grow my career to a different level
-host my first family gathering
-spend quality romantic time with my love
-stay positive
-dress to impress
-get my blog a better page
-get a business card
-do something that scares me
-learn a new language
-visit museums
-get 10 new followers on my blog
-inspire others

I cannot wait to make a difference in my life as well as others this year. While I continue to grow my finances, and make smart money choices I will be able to do more with my time since I am finally working just one job instead of two (or three). I am excited to be living in Manhattan where I am surrounded with inspiration and opportunity to meet new people, get involved in projects that make a difference, and experience new things.

I’m blowing out my 28 candles one last time, and hoping for an amazing year!!

Have a great week 🙂