Believe in YOU

Believe in YOU

It doesn’t matter if someone else believes in you or not. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like you, or if you don’t like someone else. It only matter’s that you believe in yourself. Believe that when you have negative emotions, or negative reactions to someone else’s negative, that there is a lesson to learn in that situation. Try to look inside and mirror that back to what the universe is trying to tell you. Why is it you feel this way? Why do you care what other’s think? Is this showing you something about yourself? Love yourself enough to honor this discovery and to explore the answers to your emotions. The only way you will grow is if you look inside. Not inside your neighbor’s walls but inside your own head. People will want to see you fail. Why would you care? How does that benefit you in the slightest to focus on that? Keep going. Keep failing. But get back up for yourself and learn from those mistakes. Learn how to grow and how to accept your own truth.

Believe in YOU




Curiosity GOT me to the MAT

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.”

-Oprah Winfrey-I fucking Did It



What you might not know about me is that I was really scared of yoga when I was first introduced to it. Although, (and you might of already read this in one of my other blog posts) I have recognized that I have been a yogi since I was a little girl. The mindset to take care of myself, lighting the fire inside of me to my own spiritual path, and the ability to quite my emotions finding different ways to meditate. The active part of my yoga practice wasn’t something I really connected with until my late twenties when curiosity brought me to my first regular yoga classes. That same curiosity that made me the first one to learn to read in my school class, the dedicated curiosity that got me to put myself through college, and that risky curiosity that brought me from New York City to San Francisco. I was very much the girl who picked a 7mile run, a soccer game, or even pick to embarrass myself over a beginner’s hip hop class before picking a “boring ass yoga class.” New York city’s rat race finally brought my soul to the mat because I was stressed and I was hurting. I couldn’t find happiness or peace anywhere in that city until I started connecting with myself on my yoga mat.

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Respond vs React

Have you ever experienced a bully? Have you ever been a bully? I think my earliest moments of bullying was sibling related. One of my favorite sister memories was a time when my big sis Julie and I were retaliating against each other – and she won. We were arguing about who knows what in our small shared room when the first step to war was put into place. The dividing line was when we marked clearly whose side was who’s in hopes the other would stay in their designated area. We used yarn we had in our crochet bags and gave some leeway to my path since my side of the closet opened onto her side. Oh and yes, we had crochet bags… we were raised by our great grandmother remember! I always held onto the baby roll pretty well,  and could be a little bratty as I antagonized my big sister. After we divided the room I started sneaking over to her side just to get a rise out of her. I would jump on and off her bed and then sprint quickly back over to my side. These were simple and easy ways to bully her,  and my intention was obviously to piss her off. Well, I definitely did piss her off- figuratively and literally.  She marched over pass my line, stood right in front of my dresser, pulled down her pants, and peed right there…on MY SIDE! I watched in complete shock as it seeped into the white carpet staining my territory. I ran away screaming like the little baby I was. I thought of this story when I was thinking about the change in my mindset this year. The mindset to choose love in my responses instead of wild reactions like Julie did in my story. Ofcourse, I could of done things differently too but her reaction is a bit more humorous to read. You have to laugh at yourself and not take yourself so seriously. The end idea here is to learn from your experiences. To learn to laugh and just positively move on differently. What reaction of your past makes you laugh? What loving responses have you received from someone when you were the one with the wild reaction?