The Failure is Real


“Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.”
Wilma Rudolph

Failure is that thing that no one likes but something that everyone needs in order to be his or her best self. Writing to others about what I didn’t accomplish is going to be just as important to me as telling them about what I did accomplish. To motivate you, to inspire you, and to get you to trust me I will be breaking down my walls and being as real with you about every one of my defeats. For me, evaluating what I did wrong, as well as analyzing the not-so-positive things that I might be going through has become just as important to me as celebrating my successes. I have become obsessed with really understanding and learning from the failures I have overcome so that the go-getter in me can rejuvenate and quickly bounce back from any UNcontrollable threat or human error.

January was a difficult month for me when it came to accomplishing my work and fitness goals. With Mercury in the retrograde ( you can imagine how difficult it was to manage clients, employees and myself while also trying to end my company’s fiscal year positively. I signed onto a fitness challenge that wasn’t completed due to different obstacles that got in my way. Flu B made me the bed lady for four days, and being sidetracked as I traveled to see my new lover boy in Florida kept my head out of the game. When you are a leader, you have to continue to be the example and lead by example as you continue to be their rock and inspiration. That little voice that always gives motivation while also re-directing with feedback and goals is extremely important to keeping your team on track. As I was crumbling inside with feelings of doubt and fighting back negativity, my team was unintentionally following my lead.

Making super-stretch sales goals along with a “25 Yoga Class Challenge in 31 days” had me crunching numbers and frantically signing up for yoga classes in my already jam-packed schedule. I was so worried about what other people would think about me and about my team if we missed our goal that it was actually demotivating me.I was obsessing over how I would explain myself if we did not make our year and both challenges became surrounded by negativity and doubt. When it came to the challenge, the check-ins on social media to the yoga gym, or the simple question “how many classes do you have left?” from the other yogi’s on the challenge weighed heavy on my mind. I would compare the amount of time they had to complete their challenge to my time and also give excuses as to why I was pressing the snooze button instead of getting into the 6AM hot flow.

The failure was real and missing our fiscal year by a day of business and my challenge by a couple of classes hurt my ego for sure but it also fired me back up. The exciting part about failing on my goals in January is that it opened my eyes to the way I was acting and re-focused my attention on the possibilities of the future. “Fail fast”, someone told me once…and ensure that what you learn from it makes you a better person. Heading into February, I made goals to keep my composure for my team and to continue to be the example in all situations regardless of how I might be feeling. To continue to stay positive (retrograde ended on the 11th of this month) even when downing Dayquil for breakfast, and to only compare my success to a better me.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy February everyone!



Run It Off


“She was fierce, she was strong, she wasn’t simple. She was crazy and sometimes she barely slept. She always had something to say. She had flaws and that was ok. And when she was down, she got right back up. She was a beast in her own way, but one idea described her best, she was unstoppable and she took anything she wanted with a smile.” R.M. Drake

If I could remake my own song to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” I would change the word shake to run motivating others to, “Run it Off”. I have just completed a running challenge with coworkers who like myself have always had a love for and habit of running. The challenge was to complete 100 miles in the month of December and due to all four of us being retail managers in the midst of the busiest time of the year it involved quite of a bit of planning and dedication outside of the physical demands of the challenge. I’ve always been known to be a runner, and had the nickname in the neighborhood growing up as “Road Runner” after being spotted running around the neighborhood or sprinting up and down the street. Consecutive first-place medals in the girl’s mile run as well as being one of the quickest on both the track and cross country teams was the outcome of many afternoons I spent running as far away from home as I could get. When the yelling and the screaming became too overwhelming in a household full of conflict, I laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement. Currently nothing calms me more than a run through central park or along the east river…and to think that at age six I was just seeking the same escape. A lot of really great things happened this December; big success at work, my best friend moved to the city, a great friend of mine tied the knot, and really valuable time was spent with my family and friends. Yet, I was running far away from something very toxic and painful at the same time. I recorded my running journal through a mood and fitness journal, which is where I jotted down not only how many miles I ran that day but also how I was feeling. My very first run on Dec 4th stated that my mood was sad and I remember the heaviness that my heart was feeling. I was feeling used and fed up after being completely lied to by someone I had been spending a lot of time with for the past couple of months. I was ready to move on and could not wait to put behind this relationship that was truly putting me through an emotional and unhealthy roller coaster. I had in the past blamed my habit on crushing over the wrong guy by stating that I am struggling with “daddy issues”, and that I did not have the correct example set on how I should be treated. As much as that has affected my decisions in relationships in the past, this December I made the decision that I had finally had enough! I told myself outloud that I deserve better and I was ready to completely believe in that and run far away from anyone who does not deserve my love. On Dec 20th, I had logged 59 miles and the mood I recorded was that I was motivated and happy. That next morning I woke to a very vivid dream of the future love of my life and started the finale of my challenge with an overwhelming feeling of excitement and content. (Read I ran straight to my happy place this December and as I start my January challenge, twenty yoga classes, I can happily say that my heart finally feels free.

Happy New Year everyone, Keep running to your Happy!

2015 Ass Kicking


Write. No seriously, stop fucking around Kadie.
Yoga! ? Hello.
Bake, and cook for your friends, you got the know.
Travel more! And stop canceling it for more money to not travel.
Be a better friend. Do things for them that show them how you feel.
Stay present in good company. Snap chat later
Grow others, inspire and motivate good things from people
Be a rock for the family. Someone they can count on.
Give lots of love.
Stay true to yourself.


Today, I met a woman in my store who was bursting with love and strength. Not only did she keep my team full of giggles, but she spoke to us with passion in keeping true to yourself. Why hold back your feelings when you want to share? Why feel shame on how something made you feel? Maybe it was that 6 am yoga sesh but that lady made my heart smile.

Something Nice


While being bummed over a recent scum bag, I found a blog post written on Elite Dailey that gave 40 ideas of things you could do over writing your x a letter. One of them was to write something nice about someone you care about. Well, one of my employees was in need of a recommendation letter so I found it as a perfect way to distract my x letter writing. Love me some Olecia!

To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Olecia Daniels as she applies for an internship within corporate fashion. Her professionalism with both the internal and external client, as well as her talent for styling within her role as a sales associate has made her a vital asset to my business.
I hired Olecia in August when I was first put into position as the General Manager of Athleta on the Upper East Side. I was referred Olecia while prepping a team who would be able to get the product knowledge they needed to present clients with our Fall 2014 line being featured in NYFW for the first time. She quickly became one of our top studio stylists, and has helped me build trust in clients that my team puts fashion first.
Olecia has worked alongside me during various community events, corporate visits, and drives sales. She has helped with the training and on boarding of new hires and I would rank her as one of the best studio stylists we have.
Olecia is highly intelligent, personable, and a genuine young woman who cares about people. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me; I would always make time to discuss Olecia.
Kadie Chronister
General Manager Athleta



Here is a little flashback to the toast I gave at my mother’s farm wedding last weekend in Brighton, Michigan. While surrounded by many friends and family from all over the country, I experienced one of the most beautiful and emotional weddings EVER. I miss this weekend already mostly due to all the wonderful moments that I was able to share with so many wonderful friends and family members. I want my mom to be able to look back at videos, pictures, and even my blog-posts to forever be connected with her special day. So if you missed the it is!



When I was a little girl I used to have a reoccurring dream about the day my Mom got married. In my mind, I had missed something I knew I should have be a part of. I imagined it happening in a big back yard because that is where Julie and I practiced the “big day” many summer afternoons in Granny’s yard. But the truth is, most kids don’t get the opportunity to be a part of their Mother’s big day and as you all know, it is a true blessing because Melissa would not have it any other way. Thirteen years ago, the new girl in town had her life changed by so many of you sitting in this room and by year four she was finally ready to love herself again which opened her heart for her Prince Charming. Matt, the kindest man many of us have ever met, and Melissa, the owner of the biggest heart in the world were married today. So here I am, living my “baby dream” front and center, (I’M ON A FARM!) on my Mommy’s wedding day. So favorite friends, & best family ever, please raise your glass for a big cheers to my Mother, Melissa Chronister, and my new Dad, Matthew McDaniel.

*In the pic I be sporting a vintage crochet dress from Loose Threads Boutique, and a necklace from

A Letter to my Chief Editor-Happy Birthday Julie

Seems like yesterday when we were hanging off of our beds that faced each other in our small room, giggling at the sight of our hair looking like our beloved troll dolls. What a brat I was to you, and what a fabulous job at being the baby I mastered by manipulating — at your expense– this power: punching you and then telling Granny the opposite of what really happened, winning afternoons out of time out by polishing the halo over my head. However, you made it clear you were the big sister by stepping up in some of the worst situations I hope you ever have to go through and taking the heat so your little sister did not have to. The respect I have for you is not due to the time you set me straight by peeing on “my side of the room” but because you always made it easy for me to trust you and count on you. It wasn’t easy for us, was it? But I am happy for that because look at what we have become and look at who we are. I could not have gotten through life’s dysfunctions without you, and our relationship will forever be a reminder of God’s many blessings to us and to our sisterly relationship. Hiding in the closet together, “running away” together, and creating a better life together is our sister story. I am your forever fan, the little sister who punched a boy on the bus for calling you a dork, and the sister who silenced the crowd at every football game to clap proudly at my “bonehead sister”. I am so proud of you for always working hard and finding your happiness through your beliefs and through the relationships you created in your life. You are such an amazing role model to many, but most importantly, you have always been a very important role model to me, your baby sis. I am so happy to see you as an amazing wife, a new loving mother, and now as an old lady!


*I found this diary entry of mine from a diary I kept in elementary school. Please note that I hash tagged at the top words I found important to what I wrote. Does this give me any type of props for tagging before others??