Believe in YOU

Believe in YOU

It doesn’t matter if someone else believes in you or not. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like you, or if you don’t like someone else. It only matter’s that you believe in yourself. Believe that when you have negative emotions, or negative reactions to someone else’s negative, that there is a lesson to learn in that situation. Try to look inside and mirror that back to what the universe is trying to tell you. Why is it you feel this way? Why do you care what other’s think? Is this showing you something about yourself? Love yourself enough to honor this discovery and to explore the answers to your emotions. The only way you will grow is if you look inside. Not inside your neighbor’s walls but inside your own head. People will want to see you fail. Why would you care? How does that benefit you in the slightest to focus on that? Keep going. Keep failing. But get back up for yourself and learn from those mistakes. Learn how to grow and how to accept your own truth.

Believe in YOU




5 Years In Heaven

5 years in Heaven

This picture was taken not to long after my great grandmother took on guardianship of my middle sister, Julie and I. To me, this picture captures all the moment’s I loved being the baby. Granny was a very passionate person. Even her anger was passionate. Although she was in her late 70’s when I started to really piss her off, she always stood her ground. Everyone was scared of Granny, my friends, my neighbors, and although many parents were strict, Granny always took the cake. Ginny and Rick, my neighbors growing up, told me that one of their favorite granny story’s was when they saw her chasing after me around the house screaming something while I ran so fast the other direction. This is the family that I later moved in with when Granny kicked me out of her house after being caught at school for underage drinking. Her intensity was really real, especially her intense moment’s of love. I like this picture of us because it captures how I would cherish every moment of being the baby. I think I continued to sit on her lap through high school, because I just loved the moment’s she wanted to cuddle like pictured here. Five years’ ago she passed, and I continue to struggle with the regret of not thanking her enough for what she did for us. When she started to become older I was away at college and my priority at that time wasn’t her. This is painful for me to say out loud because although I understand I couldn’t do a lot at that time, I wish things could of ended a little differently. She gave up so many of her “golden years”, her retirement years to care for us. A few years before she passed, when I was a freshman at college living about four hours away from her, we stayed in contact mostly through letters in the mail. Looking back and recognizing that we both shared the love for writing, it warms my heart on how fitting that was. Thinking of her today, and if she were alive today, I would write her a letter. And this is what I would say:

Dear Granny,

I wanted you to know that I am still writing! When I cant seem to think of anything to write about my inspiration most often comes from you. I find you in my head, in my soul, and in my heart. Thinking about the memory of you gives me so much inspiration, and I am reminded of stories’ to write about! Remember all those afternoons spent at the library? Remember all those afternoons I spent writing my book series about Blaze, Misty, and our gold fish? I wish I could go over my writing’s with you today. I think you would enjoy it. My fiancé and I moved to California in January and there is an orange tree in our back yard. Every time I peel open a fresh orange I think of you. Remember how many warm Florida day’s I sat on your lap outside asking you to, “feed me like a birdie”, as you dropped orange slices in your mouth? I hope you are doing well, and I hope you are eating lots of chocolate heath bar crunch as you celebrate five years in heaven!

I miss you!





Peace out Monday



Tonight, and at the end of every night– make sure you count your blessings. If it’s a rattlesnake jumping up and biting your cleat during a ‪golf‬ tournament (yup, that happened), remember to breathe‬. Breathe and be thankful. Thankful‬ to be alive. thankful for these experiences. There will be times where life will make you fight. Fight. Give it your all, but don’t expect much. Swallow your ‪#pride‬, and see good in every- fucking experience you are ‪blessed‬ with. There will be good memories, and bad. But in the end, the only thing that matters is who you are. How you show up. Stay ‪Genuine‬ .Stay ‪#alive‬. Peace out Monday

My Best Friend Yoga

The times that I really get down on myself is when I am running around trying to do too many things at once. This morning I kind of freaked out. Realizing I didn’t have enough time to make healthy food, take my loving dog on a walk, or even finish blow-drying my wet hair. This rush to get to work from pressing the snooze button to long created a huge pit in my stomach. I hate this feeling of unproductiveness or loss of time. “How could I of stayed in bed so late like this? Why didn’t I practice this morning? Ugh, what a loser I am”, I told myself. As I ran around grabbing my work key’s, my laptop, I caught a glimpse in my head of what my day of tasks would look like at the store and it brought tears to my eyes. How will I get everything I need done when my professional life is also as unorganized as this morning? I was starting to mirror this in all aspects of my life. “Yoga actions, Kadie. STOP. BREATHE. Self love. Stop. Breathe. Take a minute to focus. Be mindful of what this all means”, whispered my roommate, aka my inner self. The yogi in me reminded me that this is not self-love, and I was not acting like a yogi off my mat. To many ideas, too many tasks, and not enough energy or time sent me over the edge. Be caring to yourself. Be your own best friend. Treat yourself how you really wish to be treated. Be easy on yourself. If you slept to late, as I did, you probably needed. I know I did. I worked really hard last week, worked really hard yesterday—so relax.


Thank you again for grounding me bestie.Best Friend yoga

Not a funny family

Thanks for sharing Julie! I think I will share too!


I grew up with my great-grandmother in Fort Myers with my middle sister Julie, also known as Hulie. We never had much to do and most days we would sit in our shared room and find ways to entertain ourselves. We would play mail, lay hanging upside down off our beds and laugh at each others hair, play Barbies, and pee on each others side of the room.<<(Well one of us did that, cough..cough..) Usually, by the time dinner came around we were either in trouble, or had just been so annoying all day long that we were on my grandmothers last nerve. One night at the dinner table Julie and I must have been being extra silly because my grandmother pounded down on the table and exclaimed.. WE ARE NOT A FUNNY FAMILY DAMNIT, WE ARE A SERIOUS FAMILY!

That seemed very funny to us and we busted out in laughter and…

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Really Real Golf

It has been 2 1/2 weeks now that Geoffrey has taken over his life positively. Letting me make him green juices, and surprisingly enough; craving them too! He eats more plant based meals and has pretty much cut out all red meats from his diet. He eats tofu instead of chicken two nights a week and has found a place in his diet for quinoa almost dailey. He has already lost ten pounds and has incorporated a green juice into his morning routine and has also stated that, “if he doesn’t get one in the morning — it doesn’t feel right”. So excited to be his example and continue to help him live really real golf off of the course. Today’s snack was :: avocado toast, lemon, chia seeds and a green juice {green apple, kiwi, kale, ginger,lime}. 


My Twitter Followers 

I am trying to increase my following on social media to promote my blog and my yoga class. I have some interesting reportings that are going to be good reference for motivation to keep at it. Some days I gain a lot of followers which is awesome. But the most amount of accounts to do something in one day are when I am unfollowed. I know people have done this because I know my running count. This is the opposite of what you want to happen when you are looking to increase your awareness or awesomeness. One day I lost ten followers! Could you imagine gaining ten followers on a day? That would make you feel like, “cool I must of said something sweet”!  So in my journey of finding more followers I am sharing some metrics of my stats that are actually very positive. Although, the record amount of action has been the amounts of unfollows I am getting I am still gaining more followers on average! I am still up!  I gain about one to two followers a day and loose about ten a week. Therefore, I am still gaining more followers dailey! #winning