I love reading self-help books because I am constantly searching for inspiration to finally becoming my best self. The goals I am going to accomplish and the relationships I will be in. I am not sure what I was reading, or what exactly I had read before I met Geoffrey that gave me the super powers to create his existence into my life. I remember the determination I felt though. I knew he was out there and I knew that I was ready for him. I have said before that Geoffrey jokes that I put a spell on him. He was not in the same mindset I talk about but he fell just as hard. Was it a mental mindset that I had changed in hopes to finding the love of my life? Was it a sweet love spell ?  Here we are four months out from getting married and if it was Valentine’s Day or not, Geoffrey is always the sweetest thing in my life. Every day is Valentine’s Day with Geoffrey because every day he treats me like a queen. He is ALWAYS showering me with love 365 days a year. Although, since he loves love notes I wrote something for the records, Happy Valentine’s Day baby!


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