Bad Birthday Behavior

Vigne 16

I found this picture in an album titled “Bad Birthday Behavior”, in my millions of facebook pictures I have uploaded in the past years. Today is Nicole Vigne’s birthday, my best friend for going on 16 years, and nothing describes us better than this tag line. Nikki, you are more than a friend… you are a sister. Someone who has seen me at my absolute worst (and me at hers) and we love each other anyway. Nikki’s family took me in when I was kicked out of my house in highschool and not only helped me through some of my earliest triumphs but created some of the most fun memories for me during a hard patch. A friend, who has always seen the real me and someone I never had to hold back any truth with. From rolling my piece of shit echo out of the driveway, to almost burning the house down with mac and cheese, we can create a good time together no matter where we are. My workout buddy-“Be good to be bad”, my tunnney, my soul-sister, the pain in my ass, my future brides maid, my long-lost roomie and yogi, I love you more than the words I am typing can tell. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOODLE!!!!!!!!!! If only I could be “a fly on your wall” on this day and wish you the happiest day in person!! Party on sistah!



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