Life is Full Of Choices

Life is Full of ChoicesLife is full of Choices

My instagram husband told me to move the shoes you see in this picture along with the yoga strap to make the setting of this picture more clear. Although, I agreed externally they needed to go and moved them aside, internally my thought was that I’d rather just keep them how they were. Keep it real.  Keeping it real in life, or when I am posting contant on social media, I like to capture the true me. I dont want to be too staged, and I would like to keep things catered to how my life and story really is. Genuine. Similar to one of my favorite brand values of the company I work for (Athleta). I need the yoga strap in most all of the hip, back, and shoulder opening asana’s I am working on in my personal practice. The sandals are not only badass but, they got me over to my mat from inside our cutesy, vintage- inspired cottage in Vellejo, and over the pollen filmed brick patio to my mat.

Life is full of expectations, suggestions, and opinions. So regardless if you agree with them or not this is a perfect place in time where you can grow your own creativity and listen to what comes up. Think for yourself but be gentle and mindful with your reaction. Mindful of what mental thought this communication taped into. The thoughts that your mind, your desires, and your individuality thought of.

Communication, collaboration, and support from others are needed in life. Its why for years humans, similar to our furry dog pals like Finley, (the one poking around this garden), we do better when we stick in packs. In every situation, and in as many moments as you can, understand your own breathe. That breathe moving your own pace of thought. It is important to think for you. As my sister say’s, “be bold and just be you”. I choose to show that I use my strap in my practice because of the benefits it does for my alignment. Just today, I used it to open the hell out of my shoulders, and upper back that are soar as shit from a boxing class I took at the Equinox on Union St . I recruited a co-worker to motivate me to try something out of my routine, and really enjoyed the creativity and art of boxing. The shoes, (back to the shoes) are a perfect mala to signify a meaning beyond the Jeffrey Campbell awesomeness. I purchased them as the perfect “pool shoe” for one of best friends bachelorette pool parties in Las Vegas two years ago. It was pretty epic.

This Friday, this weekend, I hope you have fun and relax with good company. But as always, remember to be YOU!

Namaste Bitches!

*Sorry if the above sign off offends you but, “I do what I want” when it comes to my blog 😉


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