My Twitter Followers 

I am trying to increase my following on social media to promote my blog and my yoga class. I have some interesting reportings that are going to be good reference for motivation to keep at it. Some days I gain a lot of followers which is awesome. But the most amount of accounts to do something in one day are when I am unfollowed. I know people have done this because I know my running count. This is the opposite of what you want to happen when you are looking to increase your awareness or awesomeness. One day I lost ten followers! Could you imagine gaining ten followers on a day? That would make you feel like, “cool I must of said something sweet”!  So in my journey of finding more followers I am sharing some metrics of my stats that are actually very positive. Although, the record amount of action has been the amounts of unfollows I am getting I am still gaining more followers on average! I am still up!  I gain about one to two followers a day and loose about ten a week. Therefore, I am still gaining more followers dailey! #winning  


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