Workout Ideas-Incase you needed one

There is nothing better in life than when the light bulb comes on and you suddenly have the most perfect idea of what you are going to do with the rest of your life. I am patiently waiting for that day. I have been writing a bunch of nothing for so long that sometimes it is hard for me to even know if any of it is good. I am obsessed with wondering if people think it is good and even more obsessed with if they don’t think it is good. Am I talking to much about nothing? Am I writing something that I shouldn’t? Can I get in trouble with family for this? Work? I had a conversation with Geoffrey at dinner last night about how difficult it is to be a writer and how there are so many times I have sat down to write and ended up erasing words and even pages that I had been working on for month’s. I just have that moment of light bulb turned on ness and decide that none of it is good and I find an entire new direction to write in. Anway…

This weekend I promised a workout routine on my blog, and although no one is banging down my door about it…it was on my weekly to-do list! So enjoy!

ALSO—-Happy Monday!!! My amazing, supportive, people who continue to motivate me to keep writing!!




Start in Tadasana (Mountain pose)

-shoulder therapy routine by extending arms out vertically and horizontally moving them clockwise and up and down

-forward fold

-chair pose (hold for ten breaths)

*10 Lunges- with 10lb weight in both hands

-Staff Pose

-Forward fold while sitting

-one legged twist in opposite direction and then twist toward extended leg

*Plank-Hold for at least 1 minute

-Child’s Pose

-Bridge (10 breaths)

-bicycle crunches (10breaths)

*Burpees- As many as you can do in 2 minutes- my record is 35 as of first week

-Forward fold with arms crossed swaying side to side and shaking head yes and no

-Tadasana with arms reaching to the sky and side to side

-childs pose

*12 Chaturanga pushups

-Child’s pose

-Cat Cow

-Happy Baby




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