Sweet Love Spell


“I met you in my dreams, your touch was so soft and your body was so warm. You held me so close that I knew no one could ever come between us. When I woke and you weren’t there I still found comfort that you were out there. I could not wait to meet you because I knew that I loved you.” – Kadie Chronister

Today Geoffrey and I celebrate 10 months together and even if that sounds like a small amount of time to you, it seems like years to us. Thinking about Geoffrey is pure joy to me because he is the most precious human being in the world. Geoffrey and I sometimes sleep in different rooms because he stays up later to read, and I tend to kick him out in the middle of the night since he is a very animated sleep talker. This separation can cause a lot of anxiety for our forever baby, our “two year old puppy”,  who is constantly having to make the decision between the two of us on who he will snuggle up to while boroughing deep under the covers. I look forward to hearing Finley’s nails tiptoeing up the wooden stairs as he and Geoffrey sleepily walk up to the second floor bedroom to be my morning alarm. Morning time can be heavenly as he wakes me up kissing me, telling me how much he loves me,and makes sweet love to me. Getting me motivated for the day is one of the many  reasons Geoffrey is so good for me. I have never really considered myself a morning person and he makes me feel excited to start my day. He always gives me something to look forward too. “What’s it going to be today baby? A vanilla chi or do you just want a black coffee that you can put your own milk into it?” Geoffrey has gotten me hooked on the vanilla Chi at Dunkin Donuts and has no problem jumping out of bed and driving to go get us both one in the morning. I use to prefer a local cafe or a Starbucks but I now very much appreciate a Dunkin Donuts. It is just another daily reminder that I can visually spot on so many different city corners of the man I love. Like yoga, and like my writing, Geoffrey is a dream come true. I had a dream about meeting a sexy love just a couple days before I met him.It wasnt him in particular but I was basically calling out for someone just like him. When I think about Geoffrey my heart is full. He takes care of my heart, my mind and body, deep into my soul. Everything you hear about true love and every favorite love movie is how I’d describe our love. We have almost made it to our first year together- and I can’t wait for many more.
Happy 10 Months my sweet love!


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