Life is Good

“Everything is going to be alright” -Bob Marley

The other night when talking to my fiancé after a Forrest Yoga class, I shared a similarity that I have determined I have in common with some of my favorite yogi’s who have also written a book. I took the class because I had just finished Fierce Medicine by Ana T. Forrest, the creator of Forrest Yoga, and like her I seem to have found yoga while seeking a way to peace. A way to deal with all bottled up fears, depression, and pain that we are ashamed of, or still holding on to. A yoga instructor of one of my favorite types of classes, Hot Power Yoga level 2/3, taught in a 100-105 degree heated room, detoxifying sweat while flowing through an athletic and dynamic sequence of postures, motivated us to keep going by speaking inspirational thoughts. She said, “Some of the toughest, most strong people she has every met have been through some shit. They fall, they fail, but what they always do is they get back up and they try again. They just keep going.”

I am not saying that unless you have had extreme drama you can not get addicted to yoga because I now understand that everyone is struggling with their own issues that are relevant to them. In this same conversation with Geoffrey, my fiancé, he said, “You know honey, I ran away once because I didn’t always have it all so good either. Knowing that he grew up with loving parents, a safe roof over his head, and although not considered rich, he wasn’t going to school without lunch money. I poured myself a glass of wine, smiled up at him, and said, “I would love to hear all about it baby”. He described to me a day in the dead of winter in Glen Ridge, NJ where he came downstairs of one of the many mansions that make up his small neighborhood, in a pair of khaki’s he had worn a couple day’s in a row. Mom wasn’t having that, and after a firm discussion told him that there was no way he was wearing those pants again. He was directed to head up stairs to change immediately as she gathered her things and left for work. Geoffrey felt that this was so unfair that he was going to run away. Instead of going to school he headed to his local park (not even a half mile away) and sat at a bench and pouted. His experience as a runaway was that he was freezing in the snow, and his stomach was starting to growl. So he decided to head back home, sneak inside to grab a snack, and then hide out in the garage for the rest of the afternoon. He was still not ready to surrender but, he started to feel sick from his pig out on Keebler EL fudge cookies, and he was becoming so cold from having no ventilation in his new “runaway” spot. All of this made him decide that changing his shorts wasn’t so bad after all. Geoffrey currently practices yoga for his muscles in between training as a professional golfer and working out at the gym. I practice yoga for the state of mind that keeps me cool when things don’t go my way. I am reminded to breath and think to myself, “this life isn’t so bad after all.”


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