Today in the Garden

Today in the Garden
I woke up this morning missing Granny so much. Maybe it is because of all the change that is happening in my life and I am just wishing that I could share it all with her. Sometimes when I have set aside a morning to write, or looking to set an intention, she stays heavy on my heart as I seek motivation through her. We had so many special summer afternoons alone together while Julie was away at kindergarten. She always told me I was going to be a writer, and she always told me that I was special. I was her baby Kadie. Sometimes I crave her, I crave the opportunity of a real goodbye and a proper thank you for everything she gave up to raise me. As I ran through Central Park this morning I found her in the Conservatory Garden. Her energy made me smile while I remembered a very similar sunny yet, Florida day in our own southern citrus garden. I begged her “to feed me like a birdie” in our side yard as she dipped fresh orange slices in my mouth. Relaxed and content, we laid sunning on a beach towel reading the stack of books we had lugged home from our mid morning library run. I felt her smiling from above as she cheered for me just as she did at all of my cross-country runs and track meets. “You can do it Kadie, I know you can,” she always said. I think I found what I was looking for- a little peace. I will forever and always be a grandma’s girl.


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