Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is still following me on this blog that I am hopeful will turn into my first book. This year I have struggled with consistency in regular postings but I have been writing. I have been traveling through the journey of my life as a child and have been having a hard time getting it out of my head and into words. I have completed the first two chapters of my story this year and as difficult as it has been I will continue to sort out the thoughts in my head so I can finally share what I am so anxious for you all to read. I am blessed for the relationships I have in my life and for the decisions I have made in order to clear the roadblocks that were holding back the better me. I am thankful that I am in tune with my dreams and I am hoping that this next year I can accomplish more towards my ultimate happiness. This week I went to my very first therapy session and at close I made three statements about who my happiest self was out loud to be heard. I am a writer. I am confident. I am happy. This year as I figure it all out in new relationships, in my career, and new adventures I will first remember to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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