TGIF- Just Dance



roller skating


From my earliest years when I had to find my own ways to pass the time I had a love and passion for dance and performance. Skating performances on my grandmother’s front driveway took weeks of preparation to ensure that every person on the “ice” was in sync with the group. One week when my cousin Tiffany came to visit, my sister, our neighborhood friend, and I spent hours upon hours coordinating our moves for a roller skating performance to Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart.” We made sure there were refreshments, outside seating, and we even brought out a chalkboard to give our guests a list of who would be performing in the matinee show. In 1994 I spent nights and weekends practicing a “cat circus” where my grandmother’s cats were the main feature- jumping through hula hoops, leaping over laundry baskets, and with coaxing by the use of…

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