Here is a little flashback to the toast I gave at my mother’s farm wedding last weekend in Brighton, Michigan. While surrounded by many friends and family from all over the country, I experienced one of the most beautiful and emotional weddings EVER. I miss this weekend already mostly due to all the wonderful moments that I was able to share with so many wonderful friends and family members. I want my mom to be able to look back at videos, pictures, and even my blog-posts to forever be connected with her special day. So if you missed the speech..here it is!



When I was a little girl I used to have a reoccurring dream about the day my Mom got married. In my mind, I had missed something I knew I should have be a part of. I imagined it happening in a big back yard because that is where Julie and I practiced the “big day” many summer afternoons in Granny’s yard. But the truth is, most kids don’t get the opportunity to be a part of their Mother’s big day and as you all know, it is a true blessing because Melissa would not have it any other way. Thirteen years ago, the new girl in town had her life changed by so many of you sitting in this room and by year four she was finally ready to love herself again which opened her heart for her Prince Charming. Matt, the kindest man many of us have ever met, and Melissa, the owner of the biggest heart in the world were married today. So here I am, living my “baby dream” front and center, (I’M ON A FARM!) on my Mommy’s wedding day. So favorite friends, & best family ever, please raise your glass for a big cheers to my Mother, Melissa Chronister, and my new Dad, Matthew McDaniel.

*In the pic I be sporting a vintage crochet dress from Loose Threads Boutique, and a necklace from Nastygal.com


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