Aspiration is g…


Aspiration is greater than realization, because it keeps us eternally climbing upward toward some unattainned goal.

This quote from Napoleon Hill really resonated with me today because of how I have been feeling lately about my future. I have felt defeated and set back in my career path. I have been sidetracked on setting new goals that could chase after my ultimate career dreams. I am sure you are familiar with the action of wasting time by negatively clogging up your mind with too many thoughts of where you went wrong. The wise, successful, part of me wants to waste no more time trying to figure out the past. I have cleared my mind and I have set new intentions and plans toward my career goals. Time complaining about what cannot be changed in the past, and minutes feeling sorry for myself are not ways that will fulfill my ultimate goals of who I want to be in this life. Life is not a sprint my friends, it is a marathon so be patient and work up to the finish line and I am signed up and ready to run my next mile!

Happy Hump Day!


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