No time?


A little tip for a juicing, financial savvy, nutritional chic like me is to prepare your juices and pop them in the fridge prior to blending them at the beginning of the week. This will cut down on any prep time you might NOT have in the morning when you are running around getting other things ready. I have been trying for years to fix my problem of waking up late, pushing the snooze button, and not giving myself enough time to get my things together in the morning. So once I purchased my first Nutri-Bullet this tip has helped me immensely. The week I lost my job I changed my entire prior thoughts on juicing because of the need to save some extra cash as well as the need to fuel my body with nutrition as I got more and more into yoga. As much as I wanted to get into the fad of juicing before this it was difficult for me to cough over the money for the prestigious juice company’s you find all over New York City. There was also no way I could compete with the many Instagram shots my friends were taking while posing with their $10.00, 6 oz. Organic Ave or Juice Generation juices. “I just can’t”, I would say, I mean I eat those foods anyway so why would I spend all my money for them to be crammed in a named brand bottle? The fact of the matter is that yes, I was eating the fruit and the vegetables on my own but I was not mixing them with other supplements, grains, or proteins that could not only help my finance goals but my skin, moods, and body too! Ever since I started juicing I have saved money on snacks, been more health conscious, and have replaced bad habits such as an excessive afternoon caffeine intakes. Instead of six-dollar Starbucks run, I can get an energy boost from a pre-blended cool, carrot, ginger, and apple juice!

I get it, you still think you have no time but, the minute I started working two jobs I became addicted to juicing. I can only suggest that you too jump on this juice fad train, prep your juices, and start sipping!

Happy Tuesday!


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