Waiting in my Dreams

Thought of Jimmy today!


"Uncle Jimmy"

A dream that I keep continually waking up to at night is a horrifying reenactment of one of my first on-the-job anxieties. The dream usually starts off with the realization that I’m back in my waitressing apron and I am frantically searching for the foreign glass of wine my customer asked for (after repeating it into my better ear three different times). There’s a back up in the kitchen, a line at the bartender’s service bar, and too many tables who’ve received the “Hello, my name is Kadie, and I will be your server” speech twenty minutes ago but nothing else… all reasons to throw up my pens and quit.

I am no longer a waitress, and have been out of the restaurant business for almost five years now, so why am I still haunted by this ridiculous reminder of my past?

Recently in a store manager performance management conference…

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