“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free”- Aristotle

How often does your dream get put on the back burner because of fear? I’m talking about any thought, comment or situation that is getting in the way of you achieving your dreams. A dictionary definition of fear is “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil or pain”. Whether the threat is real or imagined, the feeling or condition of fear is being afraid. In my recent situation of seeking new employment opportunities I have imagined as well as battled many different types of fears that were testing my positivity, my motivation, and my ability to move forward. Fear crept up in my mind and brainwashed my self-love into thinking that I wasn’t good enough for certain positions. It also created negative thoughts that left me questioning my capabilities and ultimately just stumping my creativity. Do you know what a fearful person does when these things start happening? Not much. Regardless of any “truth” my fears had against me, I pulled out of the negativity by believing that fear is a BIG liar. I reminded myself every day of my strengths and told myself that if something didn’t work out it wasn’t because of a lack of capability (like fear told me) but that it was because it wasn’t the right position to get me to my next dream or goal. It is best to keep facing your fear head-on and stand up to it instead of letting it control you.

Fear loves to scare you and sometimes that is exactly what you need to get you going! After losing my job so unexpectedly I was able to review the direction of my life and reflect on my past experiences to truly come to a conclusion of how unhappy I had been at my past job anyhow! It literally makes me laugh in the face of fear and thank it for waking me the heck up! I have learned to recognize my relationship with fear and sometimes I have to tell fear that it is mistaken and the feeling of fear in any occurrence intrigues me instead of breaking me.

I wasn’t always aware that you needed to be fear- combative to reach your dreams but I picked up on my ability to see through it about two years ago when I started to understand that if I didn’t face my opponent I would be left living in regret. By choosing to rise above the scenarios that fear builds, you reach unimagined accomplishments and dreams. For years I dreamed of living in New York City and when the time in my life came that I was offered an opportunity to move to the “Big Apple” with a job and an apartment my first reaction was to back away. You would think I would have been ecstatic and jumping up and down at the thought of my dream coming true, but fear filled my mind with toxic thoughts that were never a part of the picture before. Think back on all the times you listened to your fears and failed to work through them. Did they kill more dreams than any real life failures did? If I hadn’t moved to New York, I would never have found my love for yoga, a new career path or the confidence to share my dreams with you.

I would hate for you to risk a dream of yours by listening to the lies of your fears and running away from them like I did in my past. Keep dreaming, and keep on fear-slaying!

Here are some of my favorite quotes about fear:

· Fear is used to control you

· Always do what you’re afraid to do

· Let your faith be bigger than your fears

· Fear is a lie

· Try again. Fail again. Fail better

· Sometimes your greatest opponent is your mind

· Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will

· Feel the fear, and do it anyway

· Fears are stories we tell ourselves

· Everything you want is on the other side of fear

· Forget everything and run, face everything and rise

· False

· Fear is stupid, so are regrets
· If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough


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