How to get to your Lucky Charms


It’s a pretty normal occurrence for most of us to look at someone else’s life and think to ourselves, “How did they get so lucky?” Social media trains us to “like” or “repost” other’s luck while also encouraging others to celebrate your luck in return. I have created a way to get through the noise and mind barriers of other people’s luck and for you to go on collecting your own lucky charms. It’s easy really, it’s more attention to your inner-self and more attention to how you plan to get there. Be prepared to be honest and be prepared to be fearless because that is the only way you will get to your desired destination. The only person who will be feeling the real bliss of your luck is you, so I encourage you to start inside.

· First, you will need a journal, a pen, a calendar and a place where you are comfortable and can concentrate on you. The calendar can be on your smart phone or a planner, whichever calendar is more you and will be easiest for you to access on a daily basis. I prefer a small little black book that I can carry around and insert dates and times with my own pen because it helps me to remember better. My comfortable space is in my own home with a candle or incense burning, some quiet music playing, and my dog sitting beside me in my “office”. The place that you create for yourself is important for your mind, so make sure it’s you that is creating your concentration sanctuary.

· Second, write down all the dreams and goals you have for yourself in the next five years. It can be in any particular order, just write them down as they pop into your head.

· Third, go through and circle all the goals that can be attained in the next six months and in some way highlight them, or even turn the page and rewrite these goals on a new piece of paper. Whatever you do, just make sure you are moving them onto a new clean sheet of paper in your dream journal.

· Fourth, you need to prioritize the goals you are getting to in the next six months and give each goal three bullet points that will get you closer to that goal. Make sure to remember the honesty piece I talked about in the beginning and make sure you are creating lists that are realistic to the timeframe I am discussing. For example, I am new to yoga and on my five year plan I have written that I would like to be a yoga instructor, but I know that in the next six months I will not have the money saved, nor the knowledge that I need to become certified. So, that dream stays on my first sheet of paper as a goal, but it is not the priority of my six-month plan.

· Fifth, turn to the next page of the journal after you are done bulleting and create a new list of ways you are going to be reaching towards the rest of the goals on your five-year plans. For instance, the yoga goal I spoke of before cannot be just forgotten since it is not on my six- month list, I just need more aligned prioritization to each event. Therefore, to continue to seek that goal, I give myself goals toward the big picture such as reading and studying yoga twice a week, a target of how many classes I am going to attend, or ways I am networking in the yoga community.

· Sixth, get out your calendar and start to plan out exactly what days in each week you will be executing the bullet points on each of your lists. You should have two to three goals to execute for your six-month plan each week, and you should have two to three goals for your five-year plan each month.

I hope this helps you start down your road to your own personalized Lucky Charms! Happy St. Patty’s Day!


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