To my staff

My staff at the Holiday meeting

My staff at the Holiday meeting

Today starts the new fiscal year for my team at work. I would not end it without thanking them for their dedication last year. To all my readers, my team is one of my best quality’s 🙂

Hello Team,

As the year ends, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you all for your hard work this past year. I remember my first day walking into this store and all the goals I wanted to accomplish, and it never could have happened without each one of you. I can honestly say that each one of you have impacted who and what we are today. Every one of our successes are due to your dedication to me, and to this team and I am forever thankful for that. I am proud to have been along side of the four of you, developing your opportunities and also thankful for your trust and motivation to work through my feedback. I have never been more proud of what you have overcome.

We sure have been through a whirlwind together, building a new and diverse hand-picked team and we have come out as team who believes in each other. I am excited to be your leader as we embark into 2014. We know it’s true… we are the best team regardless of the numbers, the competitions, and the “talk”, because we are genuine and we are a team.

Congrats on 2013 deserve it. You are forever in the green to me.




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