Good Boss

I just got off the phone with my old boss and it dawned on me that excatly one year ago, she sent me to interview for the current position I hold as a store manager in Manhattan. I had shared with her six months prior that I had a dream to move to New York City and that I wanted a chance to be known for something in my life. She is so motivational and she makes me feel hopeful for my future accomplishments every time I talk to her. I love her passion for what she does, and her personality is so infectious. She asked me to write a recommendation for her linkedin profile (included below) and without hesitation I put together some words to describe one of my most favorite people I have ever been lucky to know. I could not imagine how I could have been as successful in the fashion world without her guidance and support. It’s really important to have someone in your life where you can ask and receive advice from that you trust. I think I will go move a mountain now.

*I met Lori while in role as a Selling Department Manager at Anthropologie, and because of her investment and development in me; I am where I am today. Lori is a hard-working, motivational, and smart business woman, and the lessons I have learned from her have molded my management style in my current career at LOFT. I have witnessed Lori’s leadership create an environment where hardworking and passionate people stay engaged, and I know that whoever works under her direction is immensely talented.


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