Philadelphia Museum of Art

South Philly

South Philly

Philly from the Rocky Steps

Philly from the Rocky Steps

philly 3

Last weekend, Matt and I went to Philly to see the Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76’ers at Wells Fargo Stadium to represent our home state, Florida! I wish we had more time in the city because we were only able to have one full day to explore. We chose to visit the famous Rocky Steps at the entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art after an amazing breakfast at Sabrina’s Cafe in south Philly. On that note, if you are looking for a charming brunch spot and don’t mind stuffed banana filled French toast, this is the place for you. I must also mention, it’s BYOB, so don’t expect a mimosa or a Baileys and coffee unless you bring it along with you! The place is homey and inviting, and it reminds me a little of Paula’s Cabana cafe in Tallahassee Florida where I worked in college (mostly because both are museum-style homes that were then re-opened for family style dining!)*

During our 45 minute wait for a table, we walked around the south Philly street market and were forced to step over a squashed avocado that had rolled off the crate at the fruit stand. This avocado right away reminded me of my grandmother and her green thumb. Granny was always able to feed my sister and I well, because of the fruits we had growing right in our back yard in South Florida. We had two orange trees, one grapefruit tree, a lime tree, mangos from the neighbor’s yard and one of my favorites, an avocado tree. The funny thing I remember about having an avocado tree is that it didn’t always provide us avocados. I remember the excitement Granny had in her voice when she would scream from peeking out her bedroom window, “Come, look Kadie! Some fresh avocados have dropped!” We would immediately run outside and collect the “good ones” to enjoy in our lunch as soon as possible. This was not the only example of how the city tied me back to family. When I looked back at the city from the top of the Rocky Steps, it felt like Chronister. My aunt went to college in Philly, my Nan’s boyfriend is a lawyer in Philly, I ate cheese steaks with my sister in Philly and my Uncle Tom and Aunt Andie took all the first cousins to the Franklin Institute one summer while we were growing up. This is a city a lot of my family members had been to and share memories together in.

Overall, we had a great trip and I am happy that Matt and I were able to get out of the city and spend time with family at the game and see another neighbor city in the Northeast while we have the chance. The Heat won the basketball game and it was a great memory made with everyone involved. I definitely suggest a quick trip if you live near the city.

Have you ever been to Philly? What did you do?

* Paula’s Cabana was located inside Goodwood Museum. However, the restaurant is no longer in this location. If you are interested in visiting Paula’s current kitchen, check out: If you make it to Goodwood Museum you should know, the cabana and the pool house were repainted by me and Paula in 2007, one Sunday morning.


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