Snowed In

Today because of storm Hercules, I have decided to stay home from work and work on my happiness at home (inspired by one of my favorite authors Gretchin Rubin of course). The more I cross of my to-do’s the closer I come to accomplishing all of these dreams!

Some of those things are:

*Sorting my wardrobe so that everything in it meets my new styling requirements for myself
*Learning the Workbitch by Britney Spears choreography (I have to do this at home because I don’t know anyone else teaching it)
*Yoga flow
*Starting my tax return (Yes, it’s that time again and I want my return back before March!)
*Looking through decorating inspiration for our apartment
*Posting my furniture to sell (linked with the above because my furniture is too big for my apartment. My boyfriend and I say that we have Florida Furniture in a New York apartment).
*Cooking (my goal is to eat more meals homemade this year)
*Writing a bad ass cover letter (because its nice to have one of those on hand)
*Working on a business plan (because I dont want to work for someone else for the rest of my life)
*A little French lesson (learning words through you tube..Hey, we all have a budget and needs!)


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