One Word

Recently, I heard about the concept of how one word could change your life. The idea is that this you discover one word that you put action to so that you can change your life in a positive way. I am constantly searching for ways to better myself so, this idea has intrigued me. I thought that I not only needed a word for my life but that I needed this idea for my team at work as well. This also goes hand in hand with what I have learned about building teams and that is that in order to grow yourself you need to grow your team underneath you. Basically, I need the best out of them to get the best out of me. We are all going to come together and think of one word that our entire team can connect to this year so that we can then share the same vision. I think that this will be great for team building, and will also be our team’s (word) mascot!
I am going to blow it up and put in the office so that we are reminded to live this word every day!


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