10 year Plan

10 year plan

10 year plan

Inspired by Lululemon’s instagram I decided to think about not just my New Year resolution but my newest long-term goals. Every move I make will be to get closer to these long-term goals and in the next 10 years I have many things that I would like to do with my life. I will be 38 in ten years, and I hope to have completed these things. The only way I am going to make this happen is to set the expectation for myself and each day work towards making these things happen.

10 year goals

1. Flexible career
2. Travel to Spain,Italy, Paris, Greece, London,Costa Rica, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada,Seattle
3. Write a book
4. Get married (no pressure , I really just want a nice ring from the love of my life to display to the world I am taken. Not to sound superficial but this ring signifies two lovers connection and I want to be able to look down at my hand everyday and be reminded of that)
5. Have a baby(no pressure on this either. I do want kids though and if it happens I would want it to be before I am 40.)
6. Certified Yoga instructor
7. Pay off Student Loans
8. Move out west or at least have a reason to be there ALOT (Matt don’t kill me for this!)
9. Buy a jeep
10.Learn to play the guitar
11.Have a closet filled with a beautiful wardrobe
12.Have a beautiful garden
13.Learn Spanish and French


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