Laws of Success

Laws of success

I am an all over the place type of reader. What I mean by this is that I can not just be reading one book at a time like most. Currently I am reading three different books and I do this because I often get bored with what I am reading but still want to continuing reading it in the future. Therefore, I like to have a selection available to read so that I have options to switch to. Right now, one of the books that I am reading is the The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill. One of the lessons in the book is The Habit of Saving and it is teaching me, and motivating me to save my money. Napolean has created a “Fear of Poverty” in my mind and has brought to my attention that the sooner I am out of debt the closer I am to success. I have learned that in order to increase my earning capacity, I have to learn to conserve what I earn. I have come up with personal best practices to control my urge to spend, and made plans to pay my debt in result to the constant thought of conserving my earnings.

One of the my very favorite thoughts right now is the thought of no debt, and paying everything with cash.


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