Yoga in the morning, yoga in the afternoon, yoga at bed time

I drank the yogi juice, and have become crazed about getting to know yoga. I have decided to try to practice yoga everyday and have even decided that I want to study yoga and become certified in case I ever wanted to bring yoga into other people’s lives. I am thinking of ways that I can help myself accomplish this in the new year and I decided that I need to plan time for my practice into each day, and each week. The perfect time for me to do this is when I am sitting down to plan my work weeks schedule. I can plan my work schedule around the vinyassa classes that are offered at my gym. My gym is one block away from my store so it’s easiest for me to get into the gym when I take my clothes to work and leave for class straight from my the shop. If yoga is going to be apart of my life everyday then it needs to be prioritized everyday just like my dedication to my store is. I have to be realistic with myself and realize that sometimes it wont be a full 55 minute practice at the gym and that it will sometimes be in my apartment bright and early or before I go to bed. This video from equinox is my inspiration. I really want this.


Namaste xoxo,



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