A client compliment that could change my life

This week I had a client come to my store and spend a lot of time complimenting my manager and my staff. She looked at me and said directly ” You will go far in your career, you will, she says, you created a staff that stands out in NYC and you deserve the best.” This wasn’t a client who purchased bags of items or a client who needed tons of personal catering. She was a client who appreciated a genuine attitude and a smiling face.  She appreciated that someone remembered her name and that she felt at home in my store even in the big Manhattan city.  I then had a thought of what my life could be if I kept moving up in my current company and if i reached the career goals of mine she spoke of. I pictured myself texting away, sending emails, and managing people I do not know through a quick walk through. Meanwhile, I would be standing in the middle of the store disrupting the clients who are shopping to question people who are exhausted from preparing for you (off the clock). It’s not what I want. My favorite jobs I’ve ever had were with bossess that clearly cared about me and my development. I am taking my clients motivation and compliments to actively seek a career that inspires! 


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