Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday! Did you online shop? Did you get any deals? For a girl who works in retail you would think I was sick of all the talk of shopping. The truth is I have been indulging in all of these naughty shopping habits a bit too much this holiday season. I hit my doctor’s appointment today after work with two shopping bags that also needed to be hung on the coat hooks of the waiting room. “How could you possibly shop after working those long holiday hours this time of year?” she said. “How could you miss out on all of these deals?”, I responded. We both laughed and went on to my very important and overdo check up. I almost canceled today’s visit because of deadlines and overload of work at the office but after the outcome and results of my visit I am happy that I did not put my health on hold.

On this Cyber Monday I am putting out a message to all my readers and followers: PLEASE catch yourself up on any doctor visits you might be due on because you might be feeling perfectly healthy and be diagnosed with something that needs to be treated! This holiday season I have dreams of good health and I can not be in good health if I do not have a proper measure of how healthy I am. So although, a little nauseous after conquering my fear of the doctor’s office, I am starting my Monday off healthy! By going to this scheduled checkup I found out new things about my body and I am able to react to what I have learned to ensure I stay healthy. It’s a long life I am trying to live and I have way too many dreams left unfulfilled!


Have a good week!


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