Alone on the Canal

It’s Thanksgiving and I definitely want to make sure I take the time to say how thankful I am for everyone and everything I have been blessed with. This year I took the New Jersey transit from Penn station to Hamilton where my aunt picked me up to drink presecco and watch Elf in the basement I use to sleep in during summer vacations with my middle sister. My aunt lives in Washington crossing Pa and its truly one of my favorite places to go and really always has been. I am able to eat good food, enjoy the beauty of her large country home, and run on my favorite outside trail! The canal sits behind her neighborhood and I have walked this canal with many different family members at many different times in my life. I am thankful to have taken the time to take my thoughts and get alone time on the canal this holiday. The difference of my experience yesterday was that it was completely quiet and deserted (It was ice raining so it probably wasn’t too desirable to other canal runners). I ran up into an empty soccer field and I was reminded of many soccer practices and soccer games I had tried to perfect skills and laughed at how I never really did. I wasn’t really ever a great soccer player but I was fast so that helps me to put that unconquered dream of soccer skills to rest. I did a few sprints down the field and was able to walk away after a nice remembrance of a sport I use to love. The field reminded me of my grandmother so I looked up to the sky and said hello to her as I walked back towards my aunts street. I continued to think about what I am thankful for and its my job, for my friends, and my family. I am so happy to be here close to family and a resident of the big apple. Last year I remember being sad and missing my family while knowing they would all be together and its a true blessing and dream come true to be here now. I am thankful to be apart of the festivities happening in my family towns of Easton and Washington Crossing. Cheers to only being alone on the canal!

Enjoy your day everyone!


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