This Also, Shall Pass

I try to ensure that my posts are always motivating, uplifting, inspiring, and sometimes my goal is to even make you laugh a little. I am not sure where my head was at on my last post but after re- reading it I feel like I finally answered my own questions. I am currently studying the Laws of Success by Napolean Hill and its pressuring me to find my definite purpose in life so that I can finally hit the road to my own personal success. I had submitted an essay I wrote about my great-grandmother to Elle Magazine for two consecutive years now and have still not made it into the Personal Style issue like I had hoped. The reason I bring it up is because I know this is a goal of mine and that it would be a measure of success for my definite purpose in life. I currently was in a rut at work and had been questioning my goals and also frantically re- aligning my idea of success for myself. I think its normal to have weeks that you feel like giving up, and days that you question your dreams but, it’s the strong successful ones who learn from it. Ruts and failures should motivate you to work harder and force you to rearrange your focus but it should never get you down for long. Always remember everything in life will pass so don’t let life’s opportunity’s pass you by because of a little failure. This week in honor of my great-grandmother,I put on my most treasured heirloom she gave to me for strength, motivation, and guidance through a goal oriented and productive week.

I hope your Tuesday and your work week has been as fulfilling as mine.

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