Accept and Connect

Recently while sitting at my local Starbucks on the Upper East side neighborhood I live in, I was asked to accept and connect before logging on to their wi-fi. “Accept and Connect”, I said out loud two, or maybe three times while realizing that this is exactly what I needed to do in more ways than just getting online. Currently I am studying the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill and have learned that I do not have a selected definite purpose in my life. I have so many new ideas and I am not scared of new ideas but I have not pin pointed what success looks like to me. Success looks different to everyone and I can only be on my way to success if I know exactly what that is. Currently I am a store manager in Manhattan and lately I have flirted with the idea that maybe I am in the wrong position and need to be in another setting. So what is my definite purpose? Is it to continue to inspire and grow others at store level in the fashion world? Is it to go forward with my fitness training network plan? Is it to be a writer? Success to me would be to decrease debt, have a fit body, have a blog that readers are engaged in, and travel. I love my role in my current company because of the team that I have created, and the consistent ability to inspire others. Although, without even a conversation or explanation that can quickly diminish from anyone in the corporate position who sees something differently. Spending time engaging your team, teaching your team, and preparing your team can be taken away by any one call out from someone above. If it’s a dust ball, or a light out in the window, my team will never be good enough and will always be held to a standard of people who sometimes have never even worked in a store. I need more than that disappointment and stress in life. I need a definite purpose that means more to my personal development, and to other’s personal development more than just a perfectly centered mannequin in a window. I hope the more that I study the Laws of Success, the more I am able to accept my purpose and connect to my vision of success.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Live Happy.



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