Leading others can be directly related to listening to others if you care about the team you are leading. Listening to what my staff is telling me, or trying to tell me has become especially important to me ever since I discovered how helpful this tip is. In order to better lead my team they need to be able to trust me and therefore, tell me what they need in order to do their job more efficiently. I can’t expect that everyone is comfortable being as direct as I am because not everyone is a born leader or in a position to be direct. I also know how it feels when you think your boss or your direct report isn’t listening to what you are trying to tell them. If you are looking for guidance and support and your direct report tends to talk more than listen it can be very disengaging and disappointing. My team is important to me and I want them to succeed at their work, and in their personal life so I am dedicated to listening more and talking less. My staff deserves a boss that listens and a boss who lets them have a point of view.                                            Listen more, expect less my new happiness motto. Happy Hump Day


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