Worry Tomorrow

Have you ever said to yourself or someone else, “Eh, I’ll worry about that tomorrow”? I have tried to define rules in my everyday life at work or dealing with personal matters what needs taken care of right away and what things can wait until tomorrow. I have come up with my own ruling that if something can be done in 5 minutes or less than it can be done today. The tomorrow projects are the projects that could not be done today because of the practice of prioritization of tasks. I try to look at what is most important to the now and prioritize my list that way. You might wonder how you know if one thing is most important than the next. The way I decipher that is if one thing directly relates to the completion of another task on my list than it makes it to higher priority on the list.These are red flags that one task has to be delegated or completed in order for the next task to be productive.  Sometimes I know that one thing can not wait until tomorrow because of clear deadlines or factors that make the task high priority. Examples might be a due date to a bill, calling a doctors office during office hours, or speaking to an employee when both parties are available at a scheduled time. Worrying about the most important things at the right time will help you worry about tomorrow in a productive way.


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