Two New Babies

This weeks news is all about the birth of two new babies in my life! I found out at the beginning of the week that my middle sister is pregnant, and I am going to be an AUNT! I am so excited for my sister and brother-in-law who are about to embark the new challenge of being parents! I really want to be the best aunt for my sister because that new baby deserves a life of love. My sister and I grew up together sharing a room for many years and have gone through a lot of hardships. I am so happy to put that far behind us and begin the new generation of our immediate family! SO EXCITING! The second baby would be the start of my new business idea with a girlfriend of mine who is just as dedicated as I to start something that inspires us as well as others. We are really excited to get it started and we have started our plan to make this idea happen! I started my week off with food poisoning and I was really inspired afterwards to change some habits in my life that sparked the creation of our new business idea of healthy and fit living. So although, stomach bugs are horrid I can use the saying that, “everything happens for a reason” because this idea was directly related to a goal to NOT put my body in a situation where eating crap makes you sick.

Hope everyone had a good week and can find the good out of everything bad that might have gone on:)
Stay Healthy!

Julie (on right) is the new Mom to be! Sarah (on left) is the other new proud Aunt

Julie (on right) is the new Mom to be! Sarah (on left) is the other new proud Aunt


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