Cycle for Fun?

So I am not a cycle freak but I did grow up riding around on my bike everyday as a child which counts as the start of my cycle career. My commitment and dedication for the bike stopped after middle school and I have taken a few cycle classes since then, as well wishing I had a beach cruiser to head down to the beach on while living by the Atlantic Ocean. I appreciate the extreme calorie burn as well as the ache’s and pains I receive after an extremely strenuous cycle workout but I can’t say I love it. I am not good at it, and it makes me feel like I am completely out of shape. Therefore, fear gets in the way of my body transformation and it’s not the usual form of workout I choose while planning my weekly routines. I love to run, and I have said before that I would rather run 10 miles than take a 45 minutes cycle class.

Since living in Manhattan I too have joined the trend of visiting and talking about fitness corporations just like any other fabulous NYC attraction. My latest point of view for the love of fitness would be my feedback of the two popular cycle gyms FLYWHEEL vs Soul Cycle. I have to admit, from a girl who doesn’t like cycle, I love them both. Since they are both pricey, and I have to tack on a shoe rental since I do not have cycle shoes I will prefer to go along with a friend to justify the money spent as entertainment. The prices might range to different areas in the city and what month your reading this but FLYWHEEL was $37.00 a class, and Soul Cycle was $30.00. If you have a competitive nature FLYWHEEL is for you. You can make a username that connects to your results and measures them up against the other bikers in the class. This did motivat me to push harder considering my competitive nature that I already strongly possess. I would see myself on the bottom and would kick my butt in the next song to reach a higher ranking. Soul Cycle is more self reflecting and every effort you are making in the class is for your own personal goals. I talked myself through a couple of songs and even dedicated my workout to a personal triumph I am currently trying to overcome.

Both classes add light weights into the workout, have trendy and clean amenity’s in the locker rooms, and offer fitness clothing. The music is AWESOME but Soul Cycle played Britney which for a Spears fanatic is another key component. I loved both instructors at both gyms because they were in amazing shape and that gives me motivation to keep going when you’re dying to give up. I went to the Upper Westside Flywheel location on a Friday afternoon on my own, and went to the Upper East side location Soul Cycle with my boss on a Wednesday. If I had to pick it would be Soul Cycle because my experience was more fun due to the fun dance like, and push up interactions they add in to the ride that go along with the music. I also enjoyed the soothing candles they lit that smelled so fresh and clean.

I don’t love to cycle, but I love how I feel when its done. Cycle for fun? Ride or Die? I think so.


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