I think I can

Resting after 5k in Central Park. Sept 2013

Resting after 5k in Central Park. Sept 2013

Sometimes people around you inspire you and sometimes people around you make you second guess your ideas, dreams, or plans. I choose to be around people who inspire me to make my ideas happen, or better yet help me create ways to make my ideas happen. As I seek for new idea’s and inspiration to be more creative I have come to the conclusion that being around the right people is a key factor to this journey. I have heard the phrase, “You can’t do it alone” and I think back to some of my most proud moments and the fact is, I did not do any of it alone. I am reading How to Make it Happen and it confirms that you really can’t do things alone, especially when you are trying to make something happen. I have been missing my best friend Kelly because after any conversation I am either inspired or enlighten with hope for my ideas future. I need the right person that can work with me and help create a great idea that will motivate me to work on making my ideas happen.

Last weekend, I was invited to celebration at the Standard Hotel for a new acquaintance of mine whose boyfriend just launched a social network site promoting a professional surfer friend of his and it was inspiring to see two friends celebrating success together. I also was able to spend some time talking to a friend during our 5k Susan G Komen charity walk and we discussed idea’s that she had about a business she wanted to start and it created more thought around a business. It starts with a conversation, and I am going to continue to search for that idea that I really think that I can make happen by continuing to stay focused on this goal to “Making it Happen”.

I think I can, I think I can!

Happy Friday !


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