Days On

Maybe its my older age kicking in but I look forward for my days off so that I can go to bed just as early as I do for a work day the night before, wake up early to make a delicious healthy breakfast, and start a completely productive day “on”. The days that I am not at the store are not days that I consider days OFF because they are days that I can be completely on for my own personal goals and dreams. Last weekend I was able to use my creative morning hours to write and balance my financial spread sheets, and by 9:30 am I was out the door to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Doing fun tourist like things such as this are all on my NYC resident bucket list so it’s such a blessing to be able to cross these dreams off!

Labor Day Weekend 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

So Beautiful

So Beautiful

I was also able to entertain my goal of making 12 new friends this year. Sometimes, I tend to be a home body and when I have to work the next day I tend to find things to keep me busy close to home instead of getting out and meeting new people. Robyn, a friend I met while apart of a Nordstrom internship I had in Boca Raton, Florida after college also lives in NYC now. She had invited me to a Labor day gathering over at her friend Cassie’s house to celebrate a day of not laboring! Cassie lives in Brooklyn so although, I just walked the bridge two days prior I had never been anywhere in Brooklyn before. Therefore, I was able to not only meet a new friend but also see a new area of New York. I am so happy that I pushed myself out the door because I was in awe of her cute apartment off York St and we became instant friends! I even helped her put in extensions in her hair! I have never done that before but now I consider myself a pro 😉

My new freend for Sept 2013!

My new friend for Sept 2013!

Today, I am off and I just ran in central park, finished up some laundry, and made breakfast. I have a couple of errands to run and I have to get my picture printed out that I am putting on my LOFT cares t-shirt of Momma Susin since I am running in loving memory for her at the Susan G Komen race for the cure in central park tomorrow. I am determined to have another day ON and I think I will be spending some time researching ideas for my new business today.

I hope everyone else who is off today is inspired to have a day ON as well. Enjoy! xoxo


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