Fashion, Fall, and Fitness

Labor day weekend is the start of the new season for fashion, for weather, and for my workout goals! I am so excited to get started with all of my new ideas and plans for the next three months. At the end of July, I created 28 wishes for myself to complete since I am looking for motivation for growth in my next age chapter. During the next three months I have a perfect opportunity to cross off a couple of my wishes since the season coincides with many activities that create that opportunity. Fashion is at the top of my list because fall has always been my favorite line, and FINALLY I live in the city where real fashion week takes place, and real season changes occur. I am so ready to look my best this fall and style myself well to inspire my staff at the store and well as create customer loyalty through styling and creativity!

This summer I started working with my company’s charitable initiatives to raise money for Susan G Komen, and at the beginning of September the charity race takes place. P.s. I have 6 more days to collect any amount of donation for my team who is raising money for Susan G Komen. Log on and donate $5 to LOFT70 and you will see my name (Kadie Chronister) and you can click, and donate at : . This will be just the start of my volunteer work to come this year. I have applied to be a big sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York and I am just waiting to hear back. I think fall would be a fun time to mentor around the city since the weather cools down and I can visit many of the cities outside amenities with the kids without spending too much money. Fitness is also a big part of the next three months. I am branching out and really trying new sports and new fitness training to get my body to the level where I can apply for the fitness photography shoots that I have been asked to be apart of. I have penciled a plan for my more cycle classes, dance classes, and yoga classes that will help trim down my body fat while I continue to strength train. I’m looking forward to a busy, life-changing, fashionable, and healthy fall that will exceed my expectations for myself!

Have a great Saturday everyone!


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