My Kitchen in Timesquare

Matt's visit to NYC 2 months after I moved here

Matt’s visit to NYC 2 months after I moved here

Visit on Fall 2010,Lady Peacock, and Black Cock

Visit on Fall 2010,Lady Peacock, and Black Cock

Finney taking a nap on the balcony

Finney taking a nap on the balcony

For my first apartment, and my first neighborhood, I have exceeded all expectations I could ever make for myself. When I am asked where I live I still can’t decide how to answer it when speaking of Manhattan neighborhoods. When you turn left the first corner you hit is Timesquare 7th, and when you turn right you are on your way to 9th and smelling Hells kitchen. A typical day for me starts at 5:30 am where I take out Finley, my terrier mix for his morning stroll through the theater district to scoop up poop with the other early furry locals.

I first moved to this neighborhood at the end of winter from South Florida and we had to learn to poop on snowy concrete instead of the green, warm, South Florida Grass..oh the drama. Finley is a big part of my home and on my days off we love to stroll over to the west side highway and visit our favorite dog park that sits next to the intrepid on pier 82. We love to enjoy the view of the beautiful Hudson River as well as socialize with other local pups. A local ice cream parlor treats us to ice cream on the way home as well as other dogs to and from the park since the owners give complimentary dog ice cream samples.

Another perk of the neighborhood is that my best friend is my neighbor and he consistently shows up at my doorstep unannounced. I love that when we aren’t goofing around, or having extravagant themed parties, we can meet on 9th ave which is half way between our apartments, and walk over to Alvin & Ailey to practice our love for hip hop.

I could also eat my way through this neighborhood, and have become quite a regular when it comes to local eats, as well as a regular grocer at my favorite Amish Market. Arriba Arriba margaritas, Empanada Momma’s avocado salad, and Southern Hospitality’s pork sandwich are some of regular hits. The women in my family celebrated my Nan’s 70th birthday at Delta Grill, a New Orleans style restaurant, which was perfect since she is a French Quarter native, and it has also become a favorite with friends for dinner ron de vous. Medi, the Mediterranean wine bar has a beautiful garden eating space where I have gathered with my mom, my sisters, and my great-uncle and aunt over goat cheese stuffed dates. I must admit (with a guilty conscience) that I am also a regular at Schmackary’s where cookies have the perfect amount of salt and sweet to easily make me cave in for a treat.

My balcony sounds and views Timesquare where I can feel apart of the heart of New York by just stepping out on to it. I love the sparkle of the freedom tower that lights up at night, and the spontaneous fireworks that go off over the river from Hoboken. Since my friend Marc lived in this apartment prior to my move in I have loved this spot for five years and I would be lying if I said I wasnt sad to say goodbye. I remember how I felt when I first came to visit Marc in this apartment, and how excited I would be to come visit him here time and time again before my move to New York. I am proud that I was able to give that same hospitality, and experience to some of my own family and friends when they came to visit me. I am moving to a new neighborhood in Manhattan and although I welcome my new memory’s and adventures it is bitter-sweet to see this place go. Special place, and a special place in my heart it will go.

Have a great Labor Day everyone! xoxo


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