Everyone has a past and everyone has people to thank but, I have had tremendous support systems who have helped me become who I am. All of these people went the extra mile because they simply love who I am and believed in my dreams. I need them to know that their investment in me was worth it and I want them to know that everything they did for me was not fogotten. First, and foremost I dedicate this blog to my grandmother. She believed in my stories and she was my biggest cheerleader to write from the day I learned to read to the day I went off to college. I want to thank the Vigne family who helped me get my first car, my first bank account, and helped my transition to adult hood. I want to thank my big sister Julie who was my rock, and my “normalcy” as we grew up in a world-wind of a broken home. I want to thank friends from the Methodist church I grew up in (that my grandmother treated as babysitting ), and neighborhood family’s such as the Toggweilers who created safe havens for my sister and I to run off and experience life as “real” children. I want to thank the bosses that I had that became close friends. Paula Kendrick, and Mark Suber you all taught me to continue to work hard/ play hard and stay committed to your employees just as if they were your own family. Still one of the best lessons for a happy and balanced work environment I could ever learn. I want to thank my Aunts and my Uncles for always being strong role models and staying active throughout my life. I want to thank my sister Sarah for being my biggest fan and being apart of the ease and the memory of the completion of one of my scariest dreams. I want to thank my boyfriend Matt who supported and encouraged the start of this blog. To all my followers, and to all my friends and family, I owe you this blog because without People Who Count there are no dreams to be made.

xoxo all, TGIF


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