28 Wishes

My first post as a 28-year-old woman and I hope that every wish that I post tonight comes true. I really want to make something happen for myself this year and I am creating my wish list so that I can get started on this years new goals for myself. There were a lot of successes last year but I can still pinpoint opportunity as well.

traveled to a new City (visited Las Vegas, Denver and Breckenridge, and a couple small cities outside LA )
-Moved to Manhattan
-Paid off 2 credit cards
-managed 1 charity event
-Fell in love
-starting getting up earlier
-spent more time with family
-huge career development

-no savings
-need a better dedicated workout plan
-not enough charity work
-not enough blog posts
-no writing contest submissions
-no trip abroad
-did not read enough books

So now that I have pinpointed my top successes and opportunities I can make my 28 wishes for my new year!

-Write and compete for publishing in a magazine
-Start a life with my love
-Save money
-Pay off 2 last credit cards and car
-Travel abroad
-Be involved in Charity work
-More dance and Yoga
-try for a fitness photography shoot
-cook and bake more
-eat clean
-visit chicago and Seattle
-compete in fitness competitions
-network and meet a new friend a month (that’s 12 new friends)
-read 12 books
-decorate my apartment
-grow my career to a different level
-host my first family gathering
-spend quality romantic time with my love
-stay positive
-dress to impress
-get my blog a better page
-get a business card
-do something that scares me
-learn a new language
-visit museums
-get 10 new followers on my blog
-inspire others

I cannot wait to make a difference in my life as well as others this year. While I continue to grow my finances, and make smart money choices I will be able to do more with my time since I am finally working just one job instead of two (or three). I am excited to be living in Manhattan where I am surrounded with inspiration and opportunity to meet new people, get involved in projects that make a difference, and experience new things.

I’m blowing out my 28 candles one last time, and hoping for an amazing year!!

Have a great week 🙂


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