Self Reflect

When I was first starting my blog I had a vision of what the outcome of all of this would be. I not only thought I could motivate myself to write all the time but I also assumed that when I did write and post, I would then inspire millions of readers. I dreamt of publishers contacting me and magazine editors emailing me with ideas how we could collaborate and work together which in turn would give me the recognition my self made life deserved. Now, that it has been a year and a half, and I am in need of a little motivation for summer goals, I decided to start right here on Self Made. I am hopeful that this blog will serve the just the simple purpose of self inspiration and accountability. It would be great if I could inspire and motivate others at the same time but I think what I most need is a secure place where I can self reflect and pin point new action plans for my own development. Summer feels tough right now, and I think its going to continue to be a little tough to get through with all the attention to finances and work. I will need my blog and the support of my followers to self reflect and motivate myself to keep working towards the planned end result.

I am still transitioning to my new city and my new lifestyle here in Manhattan. It’s been difficult to keep up with how I want to live, how I was living in Florida, and the reality of how I can live here. My debt caught up to me, and I am really working towards a plan to erase it all so that I can move past this financial burden that lays heavy on me. I have written a plan for the next three months and the budget plan involved is extensive and does not allow for much altering. If I am going to continue to decrease debt and increase a savings blanket I will have to stay discipline to my plan on what is coming in and exactly what is going out. This savings blanket is important so that I never in my life get to the point where my money is this out of control.

Work is challenging, and inconsistent on how it makes me feel. I like being a store manager, and I believe that I want to continue being a store manager but in order to stay happy I need to reflect some direct stressors that are damaging to my well-being. The company is the same, but the people and the expectations are different. A typical day would be easily described chaotic and I am back and forth like a ping-pong ball. I am constantly worrying and following up on someone else and I never feel 100% about any situation. Bill Cosby once said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”, and I am trying to keep this at the front of my mind when I am dealing with my new corporate environment. It comes back to directing my team and remembering what it is that I want to be known for and what I have to do to get there. First and foremost I need to take days off, and enjoy my time to myself and not worry about the store when I should be worrying about me. I need to give feedback consistently to my team, and I need to be involved with all areas of the store.

I have to remember and remind myself daily that I am a good store manager and I can do this if I just buckle down and remember exactly what it is that I want to be known for.

I hope this helps everyone feel a bit more normal if you can relate to any of this financial or work drama. Headed to Pennsylvania this weekend to hang out with family and let Finley run around in the country!

Happy Almost Friday! xoxo



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