Happy Birthday Granny

In honor of my Great Grandmother’s birthday I dedicated some time to read through old letters she sent when I moved away for college. She loved to update me about the neighbors and what football player I should look for when I was around campus. She always loved sports! I use to spend hours trying to copy her handwriting because it was always so beautiful and so unique. I love her letters because they were random writings from stomach aches, what she ate for breakfast, and what family member was “pissing her off”. I read the words and can picture her facial expressions and hand gestures to get her point across. She always ended it with a P.S and often she would have so many last thoughts her writing would go up the side of the page. My grandmother shared the love for writing and we use to write each other all the time. I wish I could write her now and tell her all I have accomplished. She would be so proud. I miss you every day Granny! Happy Birthday!


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