Dirty Streets, Clean Slate

I did it. I moved to New York City and even though you might not know how long I’ve wanted this I can assure you its a life dream accomplished. There are many reasons why it was time for me to go although I’ve wanted this for so long I didn’t exactly plan it out so how everything fell into place assures that I am just where I needed to be. Sometimes you begin to settle and put your dreams on the back burner and forget to follow through with exactly what is not right for you. I wasnt happy with the way my life was headed if it was bad or good. I wasnt happy with how I managed my time, the clothes in my closet, my workouts, the meals I wanted to try, how the relationship I was in was headed, and my satisfaction with my career accomplishments. What my company might not know is that they not only granted me my biggest wish but they gave me a clean slate on the city’s dirty streets.


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