The first thing that comes to mind  about my trip to Colorado is that the state is completely under rated. I had no idea how beautiful it really was until I saw it for myself. The other thing I liked about it was the ease of everything from the people, how you get around (minus the 350 traffic ticket I received), and the natural attractions. My girlfriend from college lives in Denver so I was able to see the city on my own the first day I was there. I stumbled upon a fire fighter street fair which was really a cool correlation for me because I use to always connect fireman to Colorado because of all the fires you hear about on the news. I also made it to Breckenridge Colorado where I was recruited to be apart of a hiking team that was out to tackle completing another 14er. From the sounds of the hike pre hike I was scared and then when it actually came time to see what I was getting myself into…. I was really scared. Now that it’s all done and over I am proud of myself for conquering Quandary the 14,000 foot mountain but I can assure you that I was ready to give up the entire time. A couple of tips from someone who has taken this hike would be: you should probably do this with a little training, you should probably have correct hiking shoes, and you should not drink the night before and drink lots of water the two days prior. (I twisted my ankle and lost a lot of motivation because of the difference in elevation).

I went to a Oktoberfest in Breck that is annually held in the city every year and I met a lot of really cool people while I was out there for the long weekend. I could see myself visiting this place again in the future not only because of Dana living there but because Colorado really is a beautiful place!


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