Day 1: Cheating

This year I do not just have one resolution to better the new year and better myself but I have many different goals to achieve. How I picked these was by looking at what I did everyday or from week to week that was just plain annoying and decided that those were the areas I needed to improve. The first thing that came to mind was my habit of hitting the snooze button every morning and wasting my morning hours away when I could be giving myself the proper amount to get ready for work, or getting productive things done in the morning. I remember back in my school days were my middle sister and I shared a room and recalled how she would jump up at the sound of the alarm and I would keep tossing and turning while hitting the snooze button. My grandmother and sister would scream, “Get up Kadie, We have to leave in 30 minutes!”. Then it would be 20 minutes, then 15, then at 10 I would scramble to get ready and start my day out in a complete havoc. I was asking one of my older employees, ( who we call the store grandma) what she thinks I could do to help my habit of hitting the snooze button every morning. She told me that if I had a baby I would be getting up right away. We laughed and although I am not going to have a baby anytime soon I am determined to fix this very annoying habit that has been in grained in my day-to-day behavior since as long as I can remember.

The second important resolution was put in place because I am always annoyed with myself for being to tried to write at the end of the day when I usually found time, or just started to feel guilty for not writing. Since blogging is a way I can force myself to write more frequently I chose the early snooze button hitting to complement the second resolution of making the proper time to write for myself. I found myself in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble and picked up a book called the Write Type which is an aide to help writers block. One of the best pieces of advice I took from this so far is how its important to identify the time of day that you are the most productive and focused to write. For me its the morning times so by not hitting the snooze button I will be able to have extra time to write.

The other goals and resolutions are to cook more, continue with more routine workouts, and to visit the cities I have put on this years list. One habit of mine that has gotten lost was my love for the kitchen. I use to not only be a chief at work while catering in college but use to be having dinner parties and entertaining very frequently for my friends when I was more intuned with this habit. When I worked for Anthroplogie as the Selling Manager I was in charge of putting together special events for the customer and making a special treat myself was always part of the plans. Although, I am always active I could always find ways to improve my workout routines. I am not satisfied with how this past year turned out towards the last few months because I know that choices I made effected my attention to exercise.

Lastly, I really want to start travelling to other countries but for some reason for me to start that chapter of traveling I need to first visit the cities that interest me in my own country. The three cities I have had the most desire to see are Vegas, Chicago, and Seattle. So this year I have made plans to see all of them and I will ensure that this happens. I am staring with Vegas and will actually be there in two weeks with my family and Kelly. My trip to Chicago will be linked with a visit with my mom in Michigan I think. I am either going to plan a mother-daughter trip around her birthday or mothers day,or I was thinking about linking this to routine workouts by signing up for the Chicago marathon in the fall. Seattle is going to be a trip with my highschool best friend Nikki. When I asked myself, “how will I get to Washington?” Nikki came to mind. Her mom and step dad live there and I thought what better way to reconnect with them and also visit a destination on my wish list.

Now, although I have my first post of the year ready and done I must say that even though I did not push my snooze button this morning I am not free of the guilt of what I did do to ruin the first day of practicing my resolution. I did not get up right away and I did turn back around and shut my eyes. So I cannot lie to myself, its day one and I have cheated. But, im not lying to myself anymore and I am admitting that I have a snooze button pressing problem. 2013 is my year to change this and it’s going to open a door of new opportunities!

Happy New Year everyone!


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