Holding Myself Accountable

It has been a month since I made this list for myself to stay jolly and balanced so I wanted to look into my progress.

1.Patience to continue to grow and develop a strong team at work

There has been a lot of change at work and I have had to have a lot of uncomfortable conversations to get my people exactly how I wanted/needed them. Finally happy to say that after a year and a half of dedication to this project and learning from my mistakes I am finally able to say that my team is exactly how they should be. Since I posted this I was going though training with an outside hire that actually did not end of working out and through this found that the dependency on a past employee needed to be recognized. With the appropriate manpower swaps I am currently leading a strong team.

2.Concentration on breathing and time for stretching

The breathing and the stretching has been an opportunity. In fact I even just came back to add this in after i was done with the rest of the list as I realized that I didn’t even give my body a good stretch after I ran this afternoon!

3.Eating food as fuel by taking the time to eat balanced meals

I havent excatly followed this one…

4.Loving on my boyfriend and enjoying our holiday moments together

I have been trying to enjoy every moment with my boyfriend but he seems to be a Grinch this year and has made this very difficult.

5.Communicating with my family and friends who are far but near to my heart

This has been a great success! i have spent time with many loved ones that I don’t always have time for and even threw a fun and entertaining holiday party for friends and family (Hunk T came). I am very proud of myself for sending out Christmas cards this year as well! I even sent a Christmas card to my father (who I have never met) and it brings me joy that I stuck a picture of me and my sister in it to warm his heart on the holidays.

6.Playing with Finley more (he loves that he has learned to play fetch like a big dog)

I have tried.. BUT… not hard enough! I am determined to make it to our new neighborhoods dog park. I haven’t been there with Finley yet and he is dying for some running time!

7.Living simple and decreasing clutter at home
This was a little more difficult then I imagined when I made this goal. It’s hard to live simple when you are throwing a holiday party, going through holiday in general, and working retail during the busiest time of the year. I am not sure what I meant exactly when I made this goal but I am trying to keep my finances in line and make sure that even though I am spending a lot more these past few months that I have a plan to pay off. As far as the other goal in this number my dedication to decreasing clutter at home has been better than ever. I try to clean up mess and throw things away so that I am not bothered by the clutter when I am enjoying time at home. I have tried to keep my laundry under control and Matt has been very helpful with keeping the home clean.

8.Planning my next trip

I am sooo excited about my next trip. I am also proud to say that I really am responsible for making it happen. My mom, sister, Kelly and I are going to Vegas in the middle of January and then Sarah, Kelly and I are headed to LA area to spend some time exploring! I almost did not go through with this because of trying not to spend even more money as I felt guilty buying through this holiday but I decided that this was important to me and that I needed to make it happen.

9.Staying focused and productive on this wish list everyday

It’s been in the back of my mind to work on this list and to log into my blog and look at my progress. I do think that its progress that I am at least thinking about holding myself accountable to the list I made. I am definitely looking forward to becoming better at my personal goals and more frequent posting’s on my blogs because I know that in general that is really what I meant by this goal.

Sometimes when you look back at the goals you have set for yourself and what you accomplish it can also help you decipher what excatly important to you. I did not pull up this list for over a month but had been accomplishing all these things on the list I made anyway. You can also can look at the list you made for youself and set new goals off of what you did accomplish and what you did not. You can also see from your improvemnts, accomplishments, and opportunity’s what needs to change in your life. I think a couple things are pretty clear to me right now!

Have a great Friday! TFIF!


One thought on “Holding Myself Accountable

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