Boy Crazy

This is an entry I found in my diary that I kept in the 5th grade that not only portrays my early sign of confidence, but my extreme interest in boys. I typed the entry as it was in my diary , and when you see caps that’s because in my diary I felt the need to be yelling at that moment. This cracks me up because its word for word that I wrote, and it sounded as if I was actually writing this story to someone else. So here I go..finally sharing! Enjoy!

UPDATE….. 12-8-95

Guess What???

Well I like Mrs. Kelley Mrs.Stevens still isn’t back but listen this this is intresting!

Everyday after school I still wave to Brett. This on clogging lesson started it all. Okay, I called Brett over he came over I talked to him for a little bit he went back I saw Justing he asked me who I like and I said Brett. I asked him if he would get his phone number for me and he said yea! Justin went over got it I was watching him (Tim was with him) Justin came back and said here Brett wants to talk to you I said thank you Justin.Tim said hey Justin wouldn’t have gotten it if he hadn’t used my pencil so i then said thank you Tim. (he likes me too). Brett came up and said since I gave my phone number to you have to give me your phone number. I said okay. We both went our ways.

A few days later I was out in my morning post telling others to sit down when I saw Brett coming out off his bus. I acted like I didnt see him like I usually do! he put his stuff down and came over and said Kadie come here. I said okay. Ofcourse Devon followed me he said go away Devon.Then he said David dared him to ask me out but I dont really want to go out. I made a disgusted face and said ew neither do I. He said okay well if he asks just say I did. I said okay.When I walked back to Tim, Joey and Devon they kept bugging me to tell them what happened. I ofcourse told them and everyone found out what David dared Brett to do. Tim asked Brett if he did really like me and he said yes but that I have the biggest mouth in the whole world! wow! The day was really cool but ofcourse people made fun of me but you would never believe what Brett said to me that afternoon. He called me over and said Kadie do you promise not to tell anyone and I said yes he said promise? I said yes and he whispered in my ear that he liked me. I really quick grabbed my stuff and said Liz ..we have to GO! We went to our bus. The next week or two Brett acted normal. I like him alot.

1st call: I did call him and this is what happened

  • ring, ring
  • Brett Hello?
  • Kadie Hello?
  • Kadie Is Brett there?
  • Brett Yea
  • Kadie Can I talk to him
  • Brett This is him
  • Kadie Do you know who this is?
  • Brett Uh hold on let me think ahhh ummm…Kadie?
  • Kadie Yeah. um Devon Dared me to call you
  • Brett What?
  • Kadie I got dared to call you.
  • Brett What
  • Kadie I G-O-T DAR-ED T-O CA-L-L You
  • Brett I know but who?
  • Kadie Oh…..Devon
  • Brett So tomarrow Do I tell her you did
  • Kadie what?
  • Brett Do I tell her you did
  • Kadie Uh No
  • Brett Cool.
  • Kadie Well….Bye
  • Brett Bye






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